Gentle hillsides, rugged cliffs

Active in the Montafon

What is special about the Montafon are its mountains: in the northwest, the impressive limestone cliffs of the Rätikon rise steeply into the sky. The Verwall is gentler and has forested slopes in the northeast.  

Mountain panorama © Silvretta Montafon / Stefan Kothner

Original & natural

Mountain moments

This area, which is largely under nature protection, is one of the most original and natural mountain ranges in Vorarlberg. In the south, the famous Silvretta borders the valley. 

The mountains, some of which are covered by glaciers, become a mecca for sports enthusiasts, especially in winter. Even in summer, the high Alpine regions and ice walls attract alpinists. A special attraction for guests of all ages is the Bielerhöhe with its leisurely hiking trail around the picturesque reservoir.

St. Gallenkirch © Montafon Tourismus GmbH / Andreas Haller

Gem in the heart of the Montafon

St. Gallenkirch

St. Gallenkirch is characterized by the typical architecture of the Montafon with its towering Baroque churches and houses adorned with flowers. 

Most of the Montafon’s Maisäße, which are mountain agricultural areas, can be found around the actual village. These romantic, original settlements with their hill farms and alpine huts will take you back to a time without the hectic pace of everyday life and modern technology. Here, you can enjoy fresh dairy products, which are still made in a traditional way.
Village life with its typical customs – traditional cattle drive, Easter processions, or nativity handcrafts– unfolds around our apartment house. Numerous well-marked walking and hiking trails start right in the village and lead to gorgeous viewing points.

© Bregenzer Festspiele / Anja Köhler


Culture & nature

If you are interested in culture, you should definitely check out the Bregenzer Festspiele. The elaborate productions under the starry sky and in front of the magnificent backdrop of Lake Constance are an experience for all the senses. 

The Silvretta High Alpine Road is one of Europe’s most beautiful mountain roads. The approximately 25 km long road winds in countless serpentines up to an elevation of over 2,000 m and rewards visitors with a sensational view of Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

Cattle drive © Pixabay / schauhi



The traditional cattle drive is the highlight of the working year. This is a festival that has been celebrated in an almost unchanged form for 400 years. The cows of the Montafon farmers spend their summer on lush, herb-rich pastures in the high Alps. In autumn, they return festively decorated to their owners in the valley.



Craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations is lovingly preserved in the Montafon. The preferred materials are and have always been the wood from the surrounding forests. In summer, the wood artists are happy to let visitors take a peek over their shoulder as they work and show what their ancestors created from this amazingly versatile material: from water pipes to delicate nativity figures. But probably the most famous work made of wood is the Montafon table. 

Cabinet maker Markus Juen from St. Gallenkirch is still a master of this old art. The predominantly handcrafted, especially robust tables are made from local wood. Beautiful patterns are created using inlays made of different types of wood such as pear, cherry, oak, or maple, which have been air-dried for a number of years. Mounted in the middle is a slab of slate on which hot pots were once placed at meal times. Speaking of meals: a Montafon culinary tradition is “Sura Kees”, a low-fat cheese with a low cholesterol content and mild, aromatic taste.  

Montafon table © Montafon Tourismus GmbH / Andreas Haller


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